The second response I wrote on the Central blog/article has no context, so let me provide it. Here is the post as I remember, because I don’t feel like going back to get it verbatim: “I want you to remember the things you said about love when your daughter uses it in defense of her […]

THIS WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED AS A COMMENT, AND IS A RESPONSE TO THIS BLOG: EDIT: Reading this back, there are so many more points I didn’t even get to touch on, so in no way shape or form is this list of problems complete. I have to say that I am disappointed with the […]

Does anyone ever voluntarily, out of their own free will do something that they don’t want to do? Lots of people claim that they don’t want to go to work, but really those of us that still do, do so because we want to. People go to work because their desire to make money outweighs […]

Disclaimer, I have purposefully left all my personal opinions regarding the ethical nature of any of these viewpoints out. All analysis is done from an objective standpoint; any perceptions on my opinions regarding the ethical nature of the NWO, religion, or anything else are speculative. This entire theory/hypothesis is an opinion, and in no way […]

From my perspective, (which of course is purely an opinion) the concept of non-existence is actually not possible, and for lack of a better term “doesn’t exist”. I will attempt to prove this point by using a series of negations and double entendres. The term non-existence is synonymous with nothing, and by its definition, nothing cannot exist. The true […]

How could the singularity as it existed before the big bang be infinitely hot, or hot at all? 1.The singularity is described as a point of infinitesimally small size, infinitely hot, and infinite density. But if this is the case, how could it be infinitely hot? 2.If the singularity is infinitesimally small, then it is […]

The way humans and the rest of the animal kingdom interact with the emotion of fear is very different, and is part of the reason why there is peace and harmony within the rest of the kingdom but not within humans. First allow me to explain the need and usage of fear within the animal […]